Advanced Custom Homes & Remodeling
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Q - Will you help me get financing for either my new home or remodeling

A - Yes, we have financial contacts that can help you obtain financing for your
Q - Will I get a warranty with my home?
A – Yes, and as members of the HBA, we meet and/or surpassthe industry quality standards.

Q - I do not know what I want to build, can you help me?
A - Yes. We have several plans to choose from. Also, we can create an individual floor plan for you.
Q - How long will it take to build my home?
A - We allow 5 months in our contract, but normally it is around 4 months.
Q - How energy efficient will be my home?
A - We install R-11 insulation in basement walls, R-45 insulation in flat ceilings, and R-19 insulation in exterior walls. We install high-efficiency
hot water heaters, 13 SEER central air-conditioners, and 93 % high- efficiency, gas forced-air furnaces. These may be upgraded at additional cost. Insulated garages and insulated garage doors are also optional.
Q - Can I build on a lot I already own?
A - Yes. The only reason we could not is if your lot is in a development that the developer has restricted building to one builder.
Q - Is lending available for remodeling?
A - We can help you find a lender.
Q - If I am remodeling, will I have construction dust?
A – Yes, there will be some dust, but we use a zip-wall containment system, and will cover your remaining floor coverings to protect them. We also use booties.